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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 6am  ABC  October 1, 2012 6:00am-6:30am EDT

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>> parentslins you. new laws going -- parents license up. new laws going into effect and your child may not seated right in the car. we will tell you all about it. and the second year was in question but looks like engines are revving and we are heading for a third grand prix in downtown baltimore. details ahead and the win by the orioles and a loss by the angels puts the birds someplace they haven't been in 15 years. reaction this morning as the o's take place of the playoff spot it's monday october 1st. i am charley crowson. megan is off. and lauren is here with the road and lynette has the weather. and the jy hardy bobble doll -- jj hardy bobble doll. >> reporter: way to go orioles i can't believe it but it's exciting. >> it's exciting. >> a lot of things going on on the roads fog is a big issue. >> reporter: you hit some in howard county. >> yeah coming up. >> reporter: i hate lot of bel air road from bel air to kingsville and towson. >> you said it is worse. >> a dense fog advisory we will
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talk about. also very cool temperatures out there this morning. take the jacket and let's talk about the dense fog advisory. it's in effect until 10. and it's not widespread but frederick and points westward and traveling to west virginia and also points in virginia. that's where you will be dealing with dense fog this morning. a quarter of a mile or less of visibility. right now temperatures in the upper 40s to low 50s. and we can see patchy fog around howard county and carroll county. and also we can see it around harford county as well. but merrill's most powerful radar is dry right now. and it will stay that way as we go through the day and then we will have changes in the forecast going into the afternoon. my high around 72 degrees. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as charley mentioned we are dealing with quite a bit of fog along interstate 70 and traffic is starting to pick up just west of 695. so, do be prepared for a little
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bit of congestion. traveling the belt wait northwest corner at old court road traffic is picking up in this vicinity but not too bad. you are looking at 12-minute ride on the outer loop from 795 down towards 95. there are no delays on the beltway from parkville up to tow son. for those -- towson. those of you using the jfx, a typical 11-minute ride traveling southbound from 695 to fayette street. that's a look at your abc2 timesaver traffic. now over to you charley. a brief scare for the orioles as they headed to tampa. there was smoke in the front cabin of the plane. as a result the flight was diverted to jacksonville. a spokesperson said the emergency landing was to be safe and no one on board was in danger. the manager says the guys caught the giants eagles game before taking off and they begin the 3-game series tonight first pitch at 7:05. orioles are in the playoffs in
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florida getting ready for the season ending series with tampa and the excitement is nothing short of amazing. sherrie johnson is live in towson where the o's are on everyone's mind. usually this time year we are talking about the ravens. >> reporter: we are here at dunkin donuts and i've been chatting it up with people going in to get the coffee and everything and everyone is really excited for the o's. today the o's are in tampa today tuesday and wednesday ready to take on the tampa bay rays and they are going up against three tough games. it was tricky getting to tampa with problems on the chartered plain plane but everyone is safe. 15 years since the o's have been to the playoffs. the o's have 23 more wins than last year they won all three games against the red sox thisweekend. last home stand of the regular season. and camden yards was full of oranges over 41,000 fans turn out for a sunday game in late
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september and we caught with up fans this morning here at thedunkin donuts and this is what they have to say about the game. >> it was packed stadium first game a couple grand boys just to see the game and it was a great game and they won the stadium was on fire. >> reporter: so a home game against the yankees is aresponsibility for thursday. reporting live in towson, sherrie johnson, abc2 news. and for the latest on the playoff run head to the website and we posted a congratulations to the team as well as a lot of fan reaction. from there click on sports and the omazing news. and in other news for the third consecutive year indy cars will be reaching -- or racing through the streets of baltimore. the city made a 5-year commitment to host the grand prix it need to be sure the race was willing to finance this once again. the race will be held on labor
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day weekend. it's called the melt down team europe erased the member rift defeat to the hands of team usa and they had a comeback yesterday that was one for the ages. outside chicago this weekend, team europe led by captain joseerased a 10-6 u.s. lead to win 14 1รก to 13 1/2 -- shall 14 1/2 and to 13 1/2. it was lynched with this hole winning the match over stricker. next ryder cup is in 2014 at scotland glen eagle golf course the shot there of him with the clinching putt. new law may change the way your kids are allowed to ride in the car. linda so live in federal hill and linda, a lot of this law is
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all about child height in the safety seat. >> reporter: yeah. if you have one of these in your back seat, this is going affect you. new law requires all kids under 8 years old to ride in a car seat regardless of the weight until they hit a height requirement of 4 feet 9 inches or taller. before the law tox eye text kids whoway more than 65 pound could forgo the car -- law took effect, kids who weighed more than 60 pounds could forgo the car seat. this law is designed to cut down on the accident rate and keep kids safe. >> if your child weighs more than 65 pound, you can transport the child in a motor vehicle without being in a child safety seat. october 1st, 2012 that exemption is removed. so, any chinned under -- child under 8 must be in a child safety seat unless they are over 4 foot 9 inches tall. >> reporter: if you need help in installing a car seat or
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want to make sure you installed it properly you can call 1-800- 370-seat. coming up at 6:45 we will tell you about other new laws that take effect today including how you use facebook at work. live in federal hill, linda so, abc2 news. news time 6:07. today family and friends of a man who died in police custody are gathering to respond to theautopsy report. anthony anderson senior was walking home when he came to the contact with a number of police officers. police originally said he died because he tried to hide drugs by swallowing them. the autopsy report shows no drugs in the system a press conference will be held at the corner on montford avenue so the family they can make their official statement. 23 families from anne arundel county are sleeping somewhere else this morning. the fire broke out at an apartment complex in the 2000 block of military place in odenton. look at this. everyone made it out okay but there's major damage to the
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building. no word on what started the fire. mosquitoes are a major problem and today the east point area and ann arund he -- anne arundel county will spray for the west nile virus. if you live around the area, officials are asking you stay inside during the time. 33 people in maryland have contracted the virus of them 3 have died. if you receive social security checks a. new scam out puts you at risk for someone's else's money. scammers are out to get you. we will keep you ahead of the story. also the kids are not always in front of the tv but even when it's just in the background. it could a have an effect on them. how much tv they hear without watching the reports you want to stick around for and a powerful storm surge and enough to toss a car around like it's leaf. look at that. >> wow. we have plenty of clouds but no
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rain as of yet. but there is change in the forecast. that's all coming up. >> reporter: everything is moving along on 695 at liberty road. i will let you know how traffic is shaping up on 95 and 83 coming up on good morning maryland. >> reporter: getting rural america online. dish network starts offering broadband to areas that currently have little or no internet service. and it won't be a as fast as wired but it's believed more than 14 million rural americans have no access at all. and if you have not placed your orders for nintendo's wii you game system you may be out of luck. online preorders are sold out. there could be long lines outside stores next month. ael is is apologizing for -- apple is apologizing for the maps app and suggest use other service while fixing the problems and google points out its maps are available by using a browser. and don't bother shooting off an e-mail to homeland security secretary, she says she doesn't
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use it for a number of reasons her agency is responsible for internet security. those are your tech bites. i am john muller. it's time to change the way we clean.
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new scam tied to your social security benefits are hitting the radar. seniors are finding the informationstein used as the --information is stolen and used as they go to direct deposit. this morning abc2 news joce sterman explains what to look out for as part of the scam alert. >> reporter: you go go to great length -- you go to great lengths to protect your social security number and this is request. identity thieves are cashing in stealing social security numbers from seniors and then using them to reroute the
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benefits to theirbank accounts or prepaid cards. cnn says the inspector general office received more than 19,000 reports of questionable changes or attempted changes to a beneficialer'sy direct deposit -- beneficiary direct deposit. the office according to cnn says the social security administration needs to do more to verify your identity if changes are being made to your account like alerting you through a automated e-mail letter or tex. but how do you prevent it? -- text. but how to you prevent it be leery of anyone discussion for your personal information over the internet or e-mail or over the phone. say no changes can be made unless you appear in person with an id. log onto with abc -- log onto and find everything you need in the scam alert section. if your social security
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payment is more than few days late and get a letter of a change tower account that you didn't okay call inspector general and find contact information for that at the website look at this video for you on this monday morning a. powerful typhoon hits japan andwinds are so powerful it picks up a parked car and look at this. throwing it around the car being battered by the high winds. the storm was pack winds up to 80 miles an hour and tens of thousands of home they were without electricity but there's a few reports of minor injuries. when we see storms like this you have to take heed because we see wind like that stateside. >> and we would see that in a form of a hurricane. you are dealing with a typhoon in the western a ssk back here we are -- pacific back here we are dealing with a hurricane. nadine is out there. if it holds together into the middle of next week it will be
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the third week. she won't go away. but for right now satellite and radar picking up on cloud cover this morning. we see showers down to the south around virginia and north carolina. but, this will begin to work else way into our area as we -- work its way into our area as we go through tomorrow. heading out the door grab the jacket. 49 in westminster. coming in below average. it's chilly. columbia at 47. 51 in sparrows point. bel air at 50. federalsburg 51 this morning. looking at future trend and this is what's happening going through time. a big system down to the south. this will work et cetera way up to the north and with that we will have a chance for showers starting this evening into tomorrow. we are also going to watch this warm front move across the area as we head into tuesday as well. and the area of low pressure stays to the west and brings showers in here and that cold front will work its way in here as we go into your wednesday and thursday. but for the hour by hour
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forecast this is what we are dealing with going through today. as we go into the afternoon, that temperature will jump up to about 69 degrees, 70 by 2 and the high around 72. if we get more cloud cover temperatures will be held down a bit to about 70, 69 and the rain is in the forecast for tuesday and wednesday. and plenty of sunshine moves back in for thursday and friday. let's check the abc2 timesaver traffic with lauren cook. good morning. we have patchy fog out there as well. >> reporter: expect reduced visible. trouble up in harford county where there's a crash in bel air at barrington place. and another crash in baltimore county in dundalk on german hill road. watch out for that. traveling through fort mchenry tunnel no problems. harbor tunnel nice and clear and heading out to 83 this is a live look north of 695, traffic picking up but no significant delays as you get on the jfx
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and head downtown. here's what 695 looks like in overlea everything is moving along no delays from overlea up to towson. that's the abc2 timesaver traffic now over to you. a child doesn't have to sit in front of a television to feel the negative effects. some kids are exposeed to nearly 4 hours of background television during a typical day younger children african american children they were exposed to almost 5 1/2 hours per day and the researchers say parents should turn off the television when no one is watching and the child's bedtime. also, consider turning it off at mealtime. >> 0 to 2 years old should have zero testimony v or screen time after 2, 1 or 2 hours of total screen time counting media videos games and computers and tv. and that means no more than 14 hours a week. >> doctors recommend that children do not have a television in their bedroom. size matters when it comes
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to food. it's not always easy to keep our eyes from being bigger than our stomachs but there are things to do to develop better portion control. a good way to start experts say is by using plastic baggies. >> take sandwich bags and portion the portion ahead of time and put it in shoe box in the pantry. just seeing how much a portion is as opposed to mindless picking at the bag affects the portion control. >> using smaller plates can help. bigger the plate the more food you are look there i you are likely to put on it. -- you more you are likely to put on it. sharing chores doesn't mean a good marriage safety a study this morning says how to dividehousework and what it could say about your chances of staying together. and milk prices could be going up. the bill in congress that needs to pass to keep the cost low.
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good morning maryland continues in a moment. 3q
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thanks for staying with us. there's a new study challenge the conventional wisdom that sharing household duties will reduce odds of divorce. divorce rates are higher thor for those who shared equally than those where the woman did more of the housework. i am the messenger. researchers say the study could be an indication the type the modern couple that shares housework might have more modern views on marriage and on divorce. guys the finding is no excuse for you to slack on the chores. this is the hot topic for the day. head to the facebook fan page and let us know what you think about the study. again they are saying that those who shared the chores have a higher divorce rate. news time 6:2. lauren is joining with us caption this and our topic today a lot of dogs do this. >> reporter: my sophie does. lis liz sent in this picture of her pug snugeled up under the
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covers and we posted it on the facebook page many of you have sound off sarah wrote in saying oh, monday bring me my bone i can't work. alice says so close but yet so far. and bonnie says thunder conditioned find me and louie says camouflage mode can you spot the pug. >> snug pug. >> reporter: that's cute you are clever with that. we do need more caption this pictures for this week. e-mail them to pix at >> thanks a lot it's something you might be drinking right now that the price could be going up because of a law giving aid to farms and ranchers set to expire and it could cause the price of mill to being go up. the nation reverts to the 1940s era agriculture policy if a farm bill is not passed. that could cause milk prices to rise about 2 dollars per gallon. a new farm bill is spased --
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passed in the senate but stalled in the house of representatives. a representative for the farm bureau federation says federal support for farmers and rapers won't be affected until next year. tsa catches you with snail clips and swiss army knife when trying to get on a plane but major oversights has groups concerned this morning what two people managed to get on a plane this past week alone. why a 10 mile stretch of road closed on the weekend, yeah, what caused all that good morning maryland we are back today. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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you are watching the station that works for you. now, good morning maryland. >> reaction from a man convicted of the dc sniper attacks. check your kids car seats there's a new law going into effect today that changes how you buckle them n it's and we are talking orioles baseball a win and a loss and the result of that a playoff berth r the orioles. we will fill you in on the details on this monday october #st good morning. i am charley crowson megan is off but lauren cook is in with
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check of the road. fog is a big issue. >> it's an issue and we are dealing with accidents across the region. monday coming up in bit. but go orioles. what a game last night and it was so awesome to see the players to watch the outcome of the rangers angels game. i hope they go all the way. i am so excited. >> we are hoping for that. they said there was a double- header between rangers and angels and we will explain in a bit. but weather wise, this fog is it the result of the rain? >> exactly. you are right. lots of moisture trapped at ground and fog this morning. and we are very chilly as well. so when we talk about what's going on in terms of temperatures and we will get down to the fog. the temperature in jefferson 43 degrees. very chilly out there this morning. you're going to want to take the jacket as you head out and about. but also we have the dew point that's at 43 degrees as well. so we do have the fog in jefferson this morning. arbutus 50 for temperatures. 49 for dew points.
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and then sykesville 46 at the dew point of 46 as you venture out and about take it easy buseswe are seeing -- easy because we are seeing patchy fog. dense fog advisory for frederick county and washington county and allegheny county until 10:00 this morning. we are seeing a quarter of a mile or less of this dense fog so it's nasty and we have maryland's most powerful radar dry right now. but we will see changes in the forecast and that hour by hour forecast brings us up to 72 by this afternoon. mostly cloudy skies. let's check the traffic with lauren cook. >> reporter: good morning. in addition to the fog we are dealing with several accidents. we have trouble up in harford county there's crash in bel air on emmerton road at barrington place. expect foggy conditions in that area. particularly along route 1 and in baltimore county we have a crash to tell you about. right in dundalk on german hill road. and if you traveling on 95 this morning, as we


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